“Indonesian Student Association for International Studies (ISAFIS) as youth-led and non-profit organization is formed as a medium for youth to exchange ideas, embracing upon international issues.”

ISAFIS has also built collaboration and partnership with numerous stakeholders, ranging from fellow youth organizations, non-governmental organizations, embassies, government institutions, and international organizations to support its programs such as Jakarta Model United Nations, Indonesia International Week, Jakarta Youth Summit and other annual programs.

As a youth organization, ISAFIS attempt to give many advantages for the youth themselves, as well as for the entire community through our programs. Particularly, we try to develop important personal and interpersonal skills of the members, offer opportunities for them through conferences, summits, exchange programs, and involving youth to develop their leadership potential, so that as they grow and learn they can become thoughtful, prepared leaders of the society. Hence, in line with the ISAFIS vision mission statement, we would like to develop the members and advance ISAFIS as a leading youth organization by facilitates personal growth and development for members through series of integrated programs and activities, and building and widening external partnerships with the domestic and international institutions.

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