IIW 2019: Tasteful Nusantara

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IIW 2019 will be held in two major cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta and Jogjakarta. It held started from 13th until 21st of August 2019. The theme of this year titled “Tasteful Nusantara”. Here are the detailed description of activities per city:

Indonesia International Week 2019 Delegations

1. Jakarta

a. Opening and Welcome Ceremony

Opening and welcoming is the first series of events as well as opening of all activities of the Indonesia International Week 2019. Opening and welcoming will be packed with keynotes by stakeholders, introduction and video playback about Indonesia, introduction of participants, performances Indonesian culture, and ends with a dinner together.

Opening Ceremony

b. Campus Visit
Campus visit is an introductory program on how the culture and education system in Indonesia. This program was held bearing in mind that this program was attended by foreign students from various countries. The visiting activity will be packed with a tour around the campus and an informal explanation about education in Indonesia

Campus Visit to University of Indonesia

c. Community Service and Empowerment
The main event in Jakarta to be highlighted is community development. Community development aims to develop human resource empowerment. The purpose of this activity is the establishment of mutualism symbiosis in the form of appreciation of local wisdom between participants and local residents.

Visit Kota Tua Jakarta

d. Cultural Night
The night of cultural exchange is a program that has the essence of the introduction and cultural exchange of each country. The participants and the committee brought their country’s traditional objects, whether in the form of food, drinks, traditional clothes, flags, or toys. It is hoped that by holding this program the understanding between one culture and another will be achieved in order to achieve mutual understanding.

Visit National Monument (Monas)

e. Exploration of Local Wisdom (Local Discovery)
Exploration of Local Wisdom is a special agenda to introduce Indonesian culture. Because Indonesia is a single bhinneka consisting of diverse cultures, this year the local discovery will be located in the Monas area, starting from the Istiqlal Mosque and the Cathedral, because they are considered representative in introducing the diversity of Indonesian culture. With the holding of this agenda it is hoped that the participants will know and understand how differences in the archipelago actually strengthen to form a single identity, namely Indonesia.

Local Discover

f. Company Visit
Visiting activities to Indonesian companies are considered important to carry out in order to introduce work culture and show how the current Indonesian economic movement. Moreover, the company visit is also useful for attracting foreign investors to invest in Indonesia given that many participants have an economic education background.


Company Visit

g. Flag ceremony
IIW 2019 hopes that the deepest picture of Indonesian culture can be conveyed to the minds of each participant, including the spirit of nationalism of the Indonesian people. This year, to coincide with the Republic of Indonesia’s Birthday, the agenda will be held at one of the Universities in Jakarta, namely UPN Veteran Jakarta. In addition to the flag-raising event, participants of IIW 2019 can be directly involved with the typical race of an energetic independence day in Jatipadang Village. Participants are also expected to provide other perspectives for young people in the village.

Independence Day

2. Yogyakarta

a. Exploration of Local Wisdom (Local Discovery)
This program provides a big picture of Indonesian culture, especially the people of Java, by visiting various tourism sites. Starting from the dynamic Malioboro, the historic Yogyakarta Palace, Tamansari Water Park which has its own charm, Borobudur with its calm, and the magic of the Ramayana Ballet dance. Through this program, participants are expected to be able to see the cultural life of the people of Yogyakarta.

Learn about Batik

b. Camping
One of the activities in Jogja is camping on beaches that have large expanses of white sand, and are still naturally located in Gunung Kidul Regency. This event is expected to increase familiarity between participants and the committee.

Ngrumput Beach

c. Culinary tour
Jogja is famous for its culinary delights. As part of the theme, IIW this year invited participants and committees to experience Central Java cuisine such as on Jl. Malioboro and restaurants in Yogyakarta.

Visit Tamansari

d. Farewell Party

After a meaningful and enjoyable trip, IIW 2019 will close with a warm and friendly dinner which will be attended by all participants and the IIW 2019 committee.

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