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We have several internal programs of ISAFIS that provided for ISAFIS members. There are MOCA, Writing Workshop, Biweekly Discussion, ISAFIS Anniversary, Monthly Writing Challenge, Refreshment Day, ISAFIS Speak, and ISAFIS Update.

1. MOCA (Masa Orientasi Calon Anggota)

ISAFIS member obligated to attend MOCA as the first event thath we met and bond together. MOCA held by Internal Affairs and Organizationals Development (IAOD) division to strengthen between ISAFIS members relationship. MOCA also as a first introduction about each division’s job description, programs, also big events which they are Jakarta MUN and Indonesia International Week. In MOCA, we played games together, had a biweekly discussion simulation, and got to know each other more.

MOCA 2019: Introduction to Biweekly Discussion Session

2. Biweekly Discussion

Biweekly Discussion is a program under Research and Development (RnD) division. We gather together at Headquarter of ISAFIS in Menteng, Center of Jakarta. In Biweekly Discussion, we have many different important yet interesting issues every meeting. There were some themes that we discuss together, in the first biweekly discussion we talk about Introduction to Interconnectivity in ASEAN. In the second biweekly discussion we bring the topic of Global Governance on Environmental: Mitigation and Adaption to Climate Change. Recently we discuss about The United Kingdom’s Population Led Brexit (2016-2019) and Indonesia’s Islamic Populism in Presidential Election (2014-2019): A Comparative Study. The speaker will explain the presentation about the topic, after that we will have a debate session and reach the conclusion together.

Biweekly Discussion on Sharing Session

3. ISAFIS Anniversary

We always celebrate ISAFIS birthday every year with alumni and ISAFIS member together. ISAFIS anniversary fall on 14th of February every year. We celebrate by sharing memories and thoughts also playing games for fun. Ended by having dinner together, blow the candle, cut the cake, and take a photo moment together.

ISAFIS Anniversary Celebration with Alumni

4. Monthly Writing Challenge (MWC)

Monthly Writing Challenge is a program under Research and Development (RnD) division. Every month, we dare our ISAFIS member, everyone are welcomed, to write some essay about spesific topic. The essay will be reviewed by the expert to be posted in ISAFIS website and Instagram. You can check our member’s writing on Article on Monthly Writing Challenge category menu in this website. Check it out, guys!

Monthly Writing Challenge

5. Refreshment Day

Don’t worry be happy! Every mid-period we held a refreshment event to strengthen ISAFIS members relationship and to refresh our job activities. We play together and sharing together in Refreshment Day!

Having breakfast together on Refreshment Day

6. ISAFIS Speak

Every we finished our biweekly discussion, we will have one of ISAFIS member to give their thought about the discussion that just been held in the program named “ISAFIS Speak”. ISAFIS Speak is program under Research and Development (RnD) division collaborating with Media Communication and Design (McD) division. We like to share our member’s thought to everyone so that we can have insight about our discussion. Check our ISAFIS Speak post on our instagram @isafis_official


7. ISAFIS Update

ISAFIS Update is a monthly post about 3 top news by ISAFIS version. This program is under Media Communication and Design (McD) division. We do a research about 3 top international issues every month and share it together to our followers. Go check some ISAFIS update post on our instagram @isafis_official


Our internal programs are provided to every ISAFIS members to enhance their soft-skills, capability, knowledge, public speaking skills, debate skills, and many more. Hopefully these programs will be memorable and impactful to every ISAFIS members and followers.

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