Funtastic Experience at International Week Japan

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Private Documentation from Nahdia

Every year ISAFIS make collaboration with International Week to provide international exchanges of social culture, business, and academic during one week at many countries abroad for Indonesian students, espesically ISAFIS members who dare to join this event. On the middle of period, the second International Week that had been joined by ISAFIS members were International Week at Japan.

International Week Japan (IW Japan) held from 2nd until 8th September 2019. ISAFIS sent its representative to join this International Week at West Japan. Our representative is Nahdia Laela Fajriyah from Foreign Affairs and Institutional Relations (FAIR) division. Here are some reports from Nahdia about how well her week spent at West Japan.

Private Documentation from Nahdia

“IW West Japan was a FUNtastic experience for me. I met a lot of people with diverse mindset. We talked a lot about the differences that we have. All the committee were very kind they provide me incredible foods, wonderful places, and unforgettable friendship.

Private Documentation from Nahdia

We did a lot of activities starting with wearing yukata to all over the places in Kyoto. We climb the fushimi inari mountain and we tried to make our own traditional food. It’s so wonderful to see all this diversity. I wish I can turn back the time and did it once again!
Thank you IWWJ!”

Want to explore Japan like Nahdia? We still have many International Week ahead which can be joined by every Indonesian students who want to join. Keep updated with us and follow our instagram account @isafis_official !

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