Understanding Asian and Indonesia Economic with Asian Development Bank

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ISAFIS members with economic speaker from ADB take a photo group together


On Friday, November 22, ISAFIS got such a golden opportunity to visit representative office of Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Jakarta. Our second SISBAC (Strategic International Studies Basic Course) were full of sharing knowledges and experiences from many experts from ADB, there are: Mr. Winfried F. Wicklein as Country Director, Mr. Said Zaidansyah as Deputy Country Director, Ms. Emma R. Allen as Country Economist, and Mr. Priasto Aji as Senior Economics Officer in ADB.

Opening Remarks from Mr. Winfried as Country Director of ADB

We discussed a lot about the role of ADB operations in Indonesia also the economic outlook and supporting technology transformation in Indonesia. They had deliver us great presentation with full of chart and data about how exactly economic circumstances in the region of Asia, particularly in Indonesia.

They also explain every detail of action plans of ADB country partnership strategies for Indonesia during today up till 2024. There are developing human capital which is come along with our president prioritize, Jokowi, on this period, then accelerating investments which is very important to make sure that country has a financial source from external relations, and addressing climate risk that can affect many side such as business system, education, health assurance, and many more of economic system, particularly in Indonesia.

One of participant who curious about economic circumstances in Indonesia

When it came to Question and Answer session, a lot of participant raised their hands and start to ask many things. There was one who asked about how education quality in Indonesia related to government financial state, also another one who asked about how economic circumstances in Indonesia would be better in future with ADB roles.

Presentation about ADB role from Mr. Said as Country Deputy Director of ADB

We had so much fun along with learn many things! Many ISAFIS members who came from various major such as Chinese Studies, French Studies, Law Studies, International Relations, and so on claimed that they got such a valuable new insight that they never had before. Now they understand how Asian economics works and how Indonesia play their game to always enhancing its quality and become one of the most develop country in the future. Hopefully ISAFIS members can contribute well for a better Indonesia.

Don’t worry! We have a lot of events ahead that would be more great if you join us! So, make sure you do not miss your opportunity at the next SISBAC! Keep updated with us to join the next events by follow our Instagram account @isafis_official !


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