The Asteroid: Threats of Many Dimensions

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Author: Fraka Dawa Putra Agswenko

On Saturday, 15th February 2020, the human race was informed that a gigantic asteroid would fall into the earth and cause massive damage to this earth. Government and the related organisation has taken many actions and protocols to respond to that kind of threat. This asteroid, 2002 PZ39 has been tracked and studied since 2002 and keep being monitored until now. NASA cooperated with one of a university in Florida to help them track that asteroid. NASA also made a simulation to calculate the impact, which will be resulted by this falling. Finally, this asteroid missed and did not fall into the earth. Then, questions arose evolving to this kind of problems. Are asteroids that harmful until many actions were given to solve these problems?

Asteroids had haunted all earth living’s creatures since a long time ago, as long as we could know. One of the biggest fallings caused dinosaur’s civilisation torn apart and left them into extinction. Time goes by, many others asteroids tried to get into earth’s atmosphere and to possibilities could happen, either is burnt out by earth’s atmospheric layer or able to landing safely on earth. This is the part when asteroids became the threat of our status quo. A single asteroid is contained with a lot of hard stones and mineral, approaching any planet with high speed and able to damage any planet’s surfaces for good. It is okay when it only crashed on a vast desert or oceans. The trouble comes when the asteroid hit civilisation or magisterial district and buried it all down. Status quo disrupted, the government failed, and civilisation broke down. Reconstructions would be other hard things to do, remembering it would be a highly costed task.

During our history, we have encountered many asteroid events that scared out of our lives. The government and related organisation have tried and keep on trying to give out their best to address this feared event to happen for real on the earth so the human race can live their life peacefully.


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