China and Its Helping Hands

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Author: Fraka Dawa Putra Agswenko

The 21st century’s global pandemic was originated from Wuhan City, China. Many protocols had been taken by their government but it’s not enough to contain the virus to remain in the mainland. China was called as the perpetrator of the viral outbreak, but China remained silent and focused on their resident. As the cases in the mainland started to dwindle, now the Chinese government shifts their focus to the other countries who have infected with the pandemic.

China, with their savvy oriental mindset, sees this condition as an opportunity to rebrand themselves after being stamped as the initiator of the viral outbreak. While the U.S. is still overwhelmed with their own cases, China directly overtakes the US position as the traditional responsible global leader. China persistently shows good deeds to show the world that they are being cooperative amid this outbreak. China sent medical experts and humanitarian aids such as two thousand rapid diagnostic tests, sent to the Philippines government and medical experts, sent to the Italian government. Besides dispatching medical expertise and other aids, China also shares their experience in treating the virus with New Delhi.

To conclude, it doesn’t provide any benefits by pointing out others to be blamed off during this global pandemic. Instead, we have to focus on the virus and its cure like China does nowadays.


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