The “Nth Room” and Room for Women’s Rights

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Author: Jesica Milenia

Since February 2020, in South Korea, numerous women are suffering from sexual violence due to a series of Telegram chat rooms that share violent videos and illegal porn called “Nth Room.” The criminals created chat rooms, and blackmail the victim into making pornography content by themselves with gruesomely violent orders, such as: putting a pair of scissors into their vaginas, eat feces, cutting off their nipples, carving their skin with a knife, and even getting raped by assigned people. Even worse, out of 74 victims, most were underage.

Meanwhile, the costumers of these chat rooms have to pay in order to access the videos. Surprisingly, about 260.000 people have entered the chat rooms so far. Fortunately, Koreans are now demanding the police to reveal the perpetrator while 1.8 million people already signed the petitions to blue-house in order to seek for justice.

This case is not something unusual for South Korea. However, in most cases, the perpetrator are sentenced to prison for only a year. These issues only fell on dense and deaf ears of South Korean medias, as well as the international medias. It is time for us to act. We have to stop shutting our eyes and ears, and start creating a room where women’s rights can be protected since this issues can happen anytime and anywhere, including your own country.


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