Happy 2020 International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day is celebrated on this day annually around the globe to help eliminate discrimination and promote equality between genders. Now look to you right, and look to your left! Chances are you’re going to see a woman or two. Let this day remind us to treat women—or anyone for that matter— kindly and respectfully.

A warm Happy International Women’s Day from ISAFIS! Two of our members, Adinara and Serena, are conveying their feelings about this special day in our first edition of #ISAFISSPEAK2020. Check them out!

As a woman. today should be a special day for
me. but it isn’t. For me. any day is as good as any
to respect women’s rights and pursuit equality.
However. I hope today can be the day for all the
men or the skeptics out there to see that our
voices are valid. our opinions matter. and our
fights are important. Here’s to all the women in
the world—smart ones. pretty ones. kind ones—
not just today. but for every single day that we
still stand tall to fight for what we deserve.

To put it simply. being a woman is a pride. For me. women have always been The inspiration. Women are heroes. Tough and beautiful heroes. might Say. Women are continously building their strength. growing strong. and paving their ways even when they are put under the unthinkables. Unfortunately. being a woman is somehow its own struggle. Today is then a way to celebrate—our femininity. our mile- stones. our struggles. and our goals to remove all kind of gendered gaps. Happy Women’s Day.