ISAFISPEAK #1 : Lone Wolf Terrorism Case

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On March 31 2021, the police headquarters in Jakarta was attacked. Police has identified this case as a lone wolf case.

We have asked our member to share their thoughts about how to prevent another lone wolf case. Today we bring you their answers!

“As the next generation, I think we can prevent it by instilling values of tolerance and freedom of religion, especially in our future children. I think it is really important to understand because family is the primary socialization place for children. We shouldn’t neglect our children just because we are busy at work. In addition, we must form a supportive and communicative relationship with our children so that we can prevent strangers from instilling their bad values easily in our children.”

“The rise of digital radicalization and violent extremism are the real consequences of inadequate access to proper education in our country. As the phenomenon of radicalization poses threats to the future of our generation, this complex challenge requires young people to identify the causes of extremism to impede any form of radicalization, spread awareness on the danger of violent extremism, promote equality and strengthen our resilience as youth. Malala once said, with guns you can kill terrorist, with education you can kill terrorism. Educate ourselves and help educate others!”

“I think it is essential to prevent ourselves from being exposed to the dangers of radicalization itself. Always safeguard yourself from extremist narratives on the internet and social media. Other than that, be mindful of whom you hangout with – and keep yourself occupied with positive activities that you are genuinely interested in.”

“I think that a lone wolf is someone who dares to use violence or violate the laws on their own. The best way to deal with a lone wolf, in my view. Is to educate the family about the dangers of a lone wolf. Family is the smallest circle in our lives and for a loner, the absence of family makes it possible to turn someone into a lone wolf. Furthermore, government intervention is needed to eliminate radical content that could brainwash people who are lonely and turn them into a lone wolf.”