Commemorating Earth Day 2021

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The Mother Earth is arguably the best creation that has existed in our solar system. The greens, the oceans, the living creatures, the ecosystem, all these components have made Earth a unique place of its own. The living creatures that should be the one who has the rational thinking to save and preserve it, the humans, neglect that cause.

Landscape of Douro Valley

People nowadays tend to be careless about all those issues. Socialization is a much needed initiative in order to wake us up. Slaughter and misplacement of inhabitants towards the endangered species of animals and the preservation of one of their bodies is one of the concerns regarding the negligence of some people. Major deforestation into a massive scale of baldness in the forest, enormous amounts of greenhouse effects taking places, would lead to a gradual process leaning to a climate change.

As a human being, we must realize that negligence over what is happening on our earth should be a reminder for us that we human beings are not the sole king of this earth, but also there are many things, such as other living things and environment should be a greater focus also. Let us remind ourself on this Earth Day to save this world, be aware, and preserve its beauty to a maximum extent.


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