ISAFACTS #2 : EAEC/APT – A Brief History of Southeast Asia Relations with The East Asian Powerhouses

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The relationship that the Southeast Asia countries, especially ASEAN had throughout the decades, has been stacked. So much cooperation with external parties regarding many issues, including the East Asia Region. The big three of China, South Korea, and Japan have had their fair share of interest, similar background, and arena to jump in.

East Asia Countries with their diverse culture and well-known powerful aura, see the relationship with the ASEAN as a much-needed one. On this topic, we will be covering the economic side. The chronicles that will be covered in today’s ISAFACTS topic will show a brief story on bridging economic ties between the East and the Southeast, on how the process and some backgrounds will be explained slides by slides.

Aiman from McD will unveil brief facts that include organization involvement, several countries’ interests, and a little background history.


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