ISAFIS Digest #4 : The Rejection of Moroccan Migrants in Spanish Waters

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After the Spanish and Moroccan crises of Western Sahara in 1973 and early 2021, the two countries are now coming into another tension after thousands of migrants came to Spain via its port city of Ceuta by swimming. About 8,000 undocumented Moroccan migrants entered Spain to attain poverty and make a fortune in Spain. Most of them were eventually returned to their country because Spain vehemently rejected the arrival of these undocumented immigrants. This incident has the potential to cause very serious humanitarian problems due to the large number of minors participating in this act, or what with them being an unaccompanied illegal immigrant. In this ISAFIS Digest, Meyra highlights how this issue came to happen and how Spain responded with a stern rebuke to Morocco for the incident.


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