ISAFISPEAK #7 : Eurovision – The Song of The Geopolitical Stage

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Eurovision has become a song contest that is used by countries to show their alignment towards others.

Because of this, we ask a few of our members about their thoughts on the significance that Eurovision holds. See below to read their answers!


“To be honest, I don’t follow Eurovision, but as far as I know Eurovision is an annual pan-European music contest. Alongside, confusingly, several non-European countries like Israel and Australia, which was first held in 1956 to bring European neighbours together in the spirit of harmless fun after war years while testing the capabilities of live broadcast television to the limit.”

“Therefore, throughout its history, Eurovision has stories that cannot be separated from political intrigue and social dynamics of the European community ad, naturally, Eurovision is used to show the alignment towards other countries, like other international events, it is impossible to avoid Eurovision from politics.”

“Eurovision indeed is one of the most effective platforms to build a global image for nation-states. It has been prove that soft power and nation branding diplomacy is one of the most powerful tools to increase state recognition nowadays. Thus, through song and music performed by nations in Eurovision that simultaneously has promoted mutual understandings, it would create a certain engagement as to how their voices can be heard directly by other nations.”

“Uniquely, Eurovision has given chances and easier access towards any significant countries to gain their bargaining position in the international regime regardless of their backgrounds.”

“I think countries choose Eurovision to show their alignment towards other countries because Eurovision is a safe place where they can show their national identity and political identity. By showing that they have the same interest and identity, it will be seen as support towards other countries. This competition can also represent national consciousness in cultural shows and raise awareness towards problems faced by other countries.”

“Eurovision signifies a place where countries can show their true identity from the musical competition and show no harm to raise awareness towards many problems in life.”

“As far as I know, Eurovision provides a unique opportunity for countries who won the preceding year’s event to promote their country and city as a tourist destination. This chance is used by the government to channel their policy and decision that has been made. It is also used to show their alignment with other countries. Thus, Eurovision does not show up as a competition but also signifies as a political tool in international relations.