JYS 2021: Diverse Identity in the Globalized World

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Jakarta Youth Summit 2021 (JYS) is a new annual program held by ISAFIS. JYS 2021 has been held online this year. The theme that JYS brought this year is “Diverse Identity in the Globalized World”.

JYS is a program meant for being a place to discuss international issues. This program is not limited only to Indonesian, but also people from across the globe. By opening up a discussion, participants can understand thoughts from different perspectives and build a mutual understanding concerning certain issues.

JYS 2021 theme, Diverse Identity in the Globalized World, will focus on the dynamics of identity from gender, racial, and even religion. There are a variety of identity issues that should be noted by the next generation. This discussion can offer a broader perspective to contribute more in handling those issues.

There are four main events on JYS:

  1. Main Conference, this is the main event that invites keynote speakers from different backgrounds to discuss identity issues. ISAFIS invites policymakers, religious leaders, and other important figures to give a deeper understanding.
  2. Discussion, this event is conducted by dividing participants in focus group discussion (FGD) in breaking rooms. There are four different sessions with a variety of issues, such as RUU PKS, gender diversity, racial equality, and discussion among religions.
  3. Talkshow, this session will be more relaxed with speakers that have had experience with identity issues. This session is an interactive one between speakers and participants to discuss opinions.
  4. Essay Competition, to discuss solutions to the ongoing issues.

JYS 2021 Project Officer, Muhammad Risyad Sadzikri, hoped that this program will give benefit not only to Indonesian citizen, but also for people around the world. Discussion in JYS should be a starting point in creating mutual understanding towards problems faced by the international world. He hoped that the next generation will have a broader perspective and build understanding with others.


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