IIW 2021: Aura of Indonesia: Echoes of Our Colors

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Indonesia International Week 2021

Indonesia International Week (IIW) is an Indonesian based cultural exchange program for students from certain Asia and Europe countries, that is housed by International Week Coordinating Organization (IWCO). Last year IIW was held 4 days, which were on 11, 12, 18, and 19 September, bringing a fresh experience through online and new iteration to the IIW brand since 2020 which was “Indonesia International Week 2021 Virtual” due to the COVID-19 pandemic waves. The theme that 2021 series brought was titled “Aura of Indonesia: Echoes of Our Colors”, exploring a deeper theme on Indonesia, as a cultural nation itself and focusing on the essence of Music and Literature Arts. This year IIW saga consisted of 4 part chapters, which were break down to:

  1. Indonesia: Introduction to a Diverse Unity (11 September)
    Kickstarting as the opening event which was held on 11 September, this chapter delved into Indonesia’s cultures that come in many forms. This chapter also set up a game afterwards which was then concluded with an unfiltered session, an activity which the participants discussed about what they think of Indonesia and us, as the committee, joined and clarified some points.
  2. Poetry Slam (12 September)
    This chapter introduced a focused topic on Indonesia’s distinctive literature poetry and rhymes, along with its structurization. The participants were then assigned to groups and sent to the breakout rooms, where they created their own literature and its structure together.
  3. Sharing Session with Adib Hidayat: Indonesia Music Industry
    This chapter we covered the topic on how Indonesia’s music industry runs and how COVID-19 phenomenon impacts the music industry overall. Inviting a legendary Indonesia music observer, Adib Hidayat, as the reliable source man for this sharing session, this chapter not only invites foreigners as participants, but also Indonesians as well.
  4. Cultural International Night
    Serving as the closing saga for IIW 2021 series, this chapter invited the participants to bring their food and distinctive stuffs from their country to be presented, as well as the committees that presented Indonesia’s trademark feasts and things. Afterwards, this session was followed with a free flow discussion with the participants.

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