Indonesian Student Association for International Studies (ISAFIS) is a youth-led and non-profit organization which has been acknowledged as an NGO in UN Department of Public Information- Non-Governmental Organization, formed as a medium for youth to exchange ideas, embracing upon international issues. Since the establishment in 1984, ISAFIS have been actively fostering youth participation in building mutual understanding among nations. ISAFIS are striving to live up to our main value: Individual development through community development and individual development through community development. ISAFIS vision is similar with the 16th goal of UN Sustainable Development Goals which is Peace, Justice, and Strong Institution. Concerning on international studies, ISAFIS has built collaboration and partnership with numerous stakeholders, ranging from fellow youth organizations, non-governmental organizations, embassies, government institutions, and international organizations. As an official member of IWCO, ISAFIS is the official organizer of Indonesia International Week. ISAFIS is also a part of International Student Network called Indonesia Student Conference (ISC) and International Student Association (ISA) Japan. Annually, ISAFIS holds the biggest MUNC in Indonesia, the Jakarta MUN. Moreover, ISAFIS has held plenty international studies and peace related events for mainly Indonesian youth through public discourses and seminars.



"Promoting Mutual Understanding among Nations through the exchange of ideas"

  1. Provide platform of discussions among members and across organizations to initiate and create plans to bring better change to the society
  2. Create and sustain partnerships with fellow youth organizations, non-government organizations, as well as private parties
  3. Equip members with critical thinking, managerial skills, and network to create change
  4. Further ISAFIS as a legal-formal NGO in Indonesia
  5. Inspire sense of ownership in ISAFIS’ value through strategic use of projects and network



Research and Development (RnD)

The division main job is responsible to arrange a high quality discussion, seminars, model united nations substance and planning, and all academic related thing.

Internal Affairs and Organizational Development (IAOD)

The division main job is maintaining internal ISAFIS and endorsing the capacity building of the members. They are responsible to bond ISAFIS members and alumnus, develop a good organizational environment, know and keep ISAFIS’ inventory.

Finance (FIN)

Finance is responsible for planning the budget needs, coordinating all divisions financial needs, making a period report, and developing people by presizing and controlling the cash flow of the whole ISAFIS while coordinating with the Treasurer.

Foreign Affairs and Institutional Relation (FAIR)

The division main job is promoting ISAFIS to national & international organizations and institutions. This includes promoting ISAFIS in youth events, boothing, establishing external cooperation and expanding networks to other organizations.

Media and Creative Design ( McD)

The division main job is promoting ISAFIS by various media. There are three subdivision which are digital media (promote ISAFIS in social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc), Creative Imaging (maintain ISAFIS publication such as poster, banner, etc), Website Development (promote ISAFIS in website).


Carrying the slogan “Promoting Mutual Understanding Among Nations”, ISAFIS aims to open the eyes and minds of Indonesian people about international issue. The early vision and mission arises after founder of ISAFIS reflect to the current situation of Indonesian people which has least concern and awareness towards international issue that actually might affect national issue. The others founders and I believe the Indonesian need to aware about the global change, to be more sensitive to such issue and initiate positive action in response to those issue.

ISAFIS made its first public appearance through the publication of an article in Kompas, entitled “Masa Depan Politik Indonesia yang “Cerah””, the Indonesian Foreign Minister at the time, Mochtar Kusuma Atmaja, who supported the publication of the article, stressing that the establishment of ISAFIS is a picture of how weak the awareness about international issues among Indonesian youth. Ever since the first public appearance, ISAFIS continue assessing international issues within the organization and sent many Indonesian youngster to various activities and events abroad, among them were Irma Hutabarat (Metro TV Newscaster), Adnan Pandu Praja (Former Chairman of KPK), and Nina Marlisa (Third Place in Putri Indonesia).


  • 1987 – Peace Messenger Award
  • 2001 – First Indonesia international week
  • 2010 – UN DPI (registered as NGO in UN Department of Public Information- Non Govermental Organization)
  • 2011 – First Jakarta Model United Nations at Al- Azhar University
  • 2015 – Appointed by Indonesia’s Legislative Branch to assist the delegation of the commemoration of Asia Africa Conference
  • 2016 – Officially Registered as ‘Association’ in Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Republic of Indonesia
  • 2017 – Recognized as part of UN SDSN Youth
  • 2017 – Acknowledged by the United Nations Information Centre Jakarta to spread the UN4MUN Procedure in Indonesia