Indonesian Student Association for International Studies (ISAFIS) was established on February 14, 1984. Starting with an invitation for a youth conference in Japan named ISC36 (International Student Conference) which held by ISA (International Student Association) in 1982. Faisal Motik, along with some colleagues, was inspired to create an organization to accommodate the assessment of International Studies and Exchange in Indonesia.

At the end of 1983 to early 1984, Faisal Motik consolidate the idea to create the organization along with 9 other collegues such as Imam B. Prasojo and Adnan Pandu Praja. After the consolidation, on February 14, 1984, an organization called International Student Association (ISA), which then changed into Indonesian Student Association for International Studies (ISAFIS).

Carrying the slogan “Promoting Mutual Understanding Among Nations”, ISAFIS aims to open the eyes and minds of Indonesian people about international issue.

The early vision and mission arises after founder of ISAFIS reflect to the current situation of Indonesian people which has least concern and awareness towards international issue that actually might affect national issue. ISAFIS made its first public appearance through the publication of an article in Kompas, entitled “Masa Depan Politik Indonesia yang “Cerah””, the Indonesian Foreign Minister at the time, Mochtar Kusuma Atmaja, who supported the publication of the article, stressing that the establishment of ISAFIS is a picture of how weak the awareness about international issues among Indonesian youth. Ever since the first public appearance, ISAFIS continue assessing international issues within the organization and sent many Indonesian youngster to various activities and events abroad, among them were Irma Hutabarat (Metro TV Newscaster), Adnan Pandu Praja (Former Chairman of KPK), and Nina Marlisa (Third Place in Putri Indonesia).