AIM Project

AIM Project is a student-run-program within Keio University in Japan which focuses on producing an educational and academic trip for Indonesian students to visit Japan and spend 10 days with Japanese students for a deeper understanding of mutual relations. This program mainly consists of academic activities such as discussions with Japanese Students of Keio University and business experts. This program also gives delegates experience of Indonesian and Japanese culture.

AIM Project is organised by the Institute of International Relations (IIR) of Keio University. IIR motto is producing students who can play a role in the international society. In 1956, IIR was launched on the occasion of a letter from Stanford University. Nowadays, IIR is officially supported by Keio University and IIR creates opportunities to improve international friendship and mutual understanding for students not only in IIR but also everyone in Keio University.

AIM Project is an amazing way to experience, share, and learn about Indonesia and Japanese culture between youths. Hope this program will strengthen Indonesian and Japanese students’ relationship, furthermore could be a way to initiate collaboration between youths.

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