ISAFIS 36th Anniversary


ISAFIS 2020 first meeting in Masa Orientasi Calon Anggota (MOCA)


ISAFIS 2019 Member take photo together at their first meet in MOCA


ISAFIS 35th Anniversary


ISAFIS Member and Alumni blow candle and eat cake together to celebrate ISAFIS 35th Annivwersary


ISAFIS Member and Alumni of ISAFIS having dinner together to celebrate ISAFIS 35th Anniversary


Jakarta MUN 2018 Delegates, Committee, Chairs, and Speakers


Jakarta MUN 2018 Delegates of Legal Committee


Angklung Performance at Closing Ceremony and International Youth Day of Jakarta MUN 2018


Closing Ceremony at Jakarta MUN 2018


ISAFIS Member after SISBAC 2019


President of ISAFIS 2019 and Moderator take a photo together with Speakers of SISBAC 2019 (Mr. Curtis Johnson and Mrs. Rizkina Aliya)


AIM Project 2019 visit Asakusa, Japan


ISAFIS Member experienced Traditional Tea Ceremony during AIM Project 2019 in Japan


Indonesia International Week 2019 at Borobudur Temple


Indonesia International Week program visit Kota Tua Jakarta, one of Famous Tourism Object in Indonesia


Shogi, one of IIW 2019 delegates played Indonesian traditional games “Makan Kerupuk” on Independence Day 17th August 2019


IIW 2019 enjoying sunset and breeze at Ngrumput Beach, Yogyakarta


IIW 2019 moments at Keraton Yogyakarta


IIW 2018 sightseeing at Panglipuran Village, Bali


IIW 2018 delegates visit Bali


Writing Workshop for ISAFIS Member collaborating with Mozilla Community Space


Diplomatic Dinner in Jakarta MUN 2019


Delegates of Jakarta MUN 2019 Discuss with Enthusiasm at Conference Session


Abang None Jakarta performs Betawi Culture at Cultural and Charity Night of Jakarta MUN 2019


Bonding Time of ISAFIS Member on Refreshment Day!


ISAFIS Member 2019 enjoy Refreshment Day at Villa Depok