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Latest Activities

  • Recap: Indonesia Regional Outlook 2021: Winning Hearts and Minds: Indonesia’s Public Diplomacy in Africa
    On November 13th 2021, ISAFIS has held a discussion around the theme of “Winning Hearts and Minds: Indonesia’s Public Diplomacy in Africa”. Inviting two speakers, an expert in their respective areas, IRO has shared many exclusive insights regarding Indonesian public diplomacy in Africa. We have specifically highlighted some important messages […]
  • Recap of ISAFIS Roundtable #2
    A week ago, ISAFIS has successfully held a discussion program named ISAFIS Roundtable #2 under the theme of Indonesia and the Fate of Afghan Refugees. Take a look at the slides above to learn what our speakers have presented in the discussion! See you in the next ISAFIS Roundtable!
  • EVENT RECAP: RADIUS #2  with Geneva Youth Call
    On June 5th, ISAFIS held a Foreign Affairs Discussion which was attended by members of ISAFIS and Geneva Youth Call. We discussed about the importance of gender equality ad well as advocating the struggle against gender-based violence in an inclusive community. Check out the post above to see what we’ve […]