UN4MUN is a Model UN approach created by William Yotive, a Model UN Coordinator at WFUNA (World Federation of UN Associations). He previously worked at UN Department of Public Information as the Project Manager of the United Nations Global Teaching and Learning Project within the Outreach Division for more than 14 years.

The UN4MUN Procedure is unique in three important ways. First, it introduces a leadership structure and responsibilities that more accurately mirror the relationship between the General Assembly and UN Secretariat. As a result, delegates play a more substantive role in the conference than they do in typical MUN simulations. Second, it uses Rules of Procedure that are much closer to those used at the UN. Third, most decisions adopted by the General Assembly and Security Council are made by consensus. The leadership structure and rules of procedure should therefore support a working environment that encourages delegates to build consensus.

Through those core ideas, the UN4MUN Procedure puts much emphasize on how MUN simulations can encourage such consensus building.