JMUN 2018

Jakarta Model United Nations 2018

Jakarta MUN is an annual conference held by Indonesian Student Association for International Studies (ISAFIS) which was first held in 2011, becoming the pioneer of MUN conferences in Indonesia. JMUN offers an opportunity for youth to experience the challenges of international negotiation and diplomacy. In JMUN, participants will act as a diplomat from a particular country in discussing international issues, simulating the process that occurs at a UN conference.

Since JMUN 2018, JMUN uses the UN4MUN procedure. This approach puts diplomacy back at the center of Model UN and corrects the inaccuracies of most Model UN in the world. JMUN 2018 held starts from 9th until 12th of August 2018. JMUN 2018 bring the theme titled “Advancing Sustainable Development Through Diplomacy”.

Opening Ceremony JMUN 2018

The first day marks by opening remarks by Mr. Collie Brown as Country Manager of UNODC, Mr. Angga as a Representative of UNFPA, Mrs. Silvia Dian Anggraeni as Representative of Pertamina University, Kenneth Nicholas as Project Director of Jakarta MUN 2018, and Naufal Musri as Secretary General of Jakarta MUN 2019. All delegares also equipped with Training Session of UN4MUN procedure to begin all session for the entire programme.

Committee Session

On the second day, JMUN 2018 had three committee sessions for each committee. Started by the formal meetings, the Vienna Formula ended the conference today. JMUN 2018 had 4 councils there are:

1. Disarmament and International Security council bring the topic of Prohibition of The DUmping of Radioactive Wastes

2. Economic and Financial council bring the topic of Agricultural Development, Food Security, and Nutrition

3. Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural council bring the topic of Social development, including questions relating to the world, social situation of youth, ageing, disabled persons, and the family

4. Legal committee bring the topiv of the scope of and application of the principle of universal jurisdiction

Photo Group of Legal Chamber

Third day, JMUN 2018 had committee session in the day and cultural night in the night. All delegates are excited to know about Betawi Culture that promoted by Abang None Jakarta.

Closing Ceremony JMUN 2018

Last day of JMUN 2018 had the Closing Ceremony agenda that collaborated with celebration of International Youth Day 2018. It held at National Library of Indonesia along with all the delegates and committee.

Abang None performs at Closing Ceremony

In the previous years, JMUN has gathered hundreds of students annually, some of which hail from USA, UK, India, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, Ghana, Afghanistan and many more, offering them substantive debates and negotiation, as well as social experiences through its side events. This year, JMUN combines both conventional and UN4MUN procedure in one conference.

Angklung Performance at Closing Ceremony

We also have many cultural agenda to promote Indonesia culture such as Angklung, Traditional Dance, Ondel-Ondel, and many more to delegates. We often collaborate with Abang None or many communities out there to perform in Jakarta Model United Nations.

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ISAFIS Journal

ISAFIS Journal is an annual event held by ISAFIS that provides members a platform to express their ideas in the form of scientific publication. It is established in accordance to the main goal of ISAFIS as youth think-tank organizations that amplify the voices of the youth in regards of international studies and understanding among nations. Every year, ISAFIS Journal carries out a grand theme pervading international issues with various sub-themes available.

Back in 2015 to 2018, ISAFIS Journal has presented the grand themes of “Chinese Foreign Policy”,  “Migrants and Indonesia National’s Development”, “ASEAN 50th, Reflection of The Past 5 Decades for Future Integration” and “Intra-Regional Connectivity: Towards a More Integrated Regional Cooperation” and has succeeded in inviting various notable speakers and public figures for our grand launching and has participated by dozens of contributors nationally. Last year, we managed to partnered with one of the leading think-tank organization in Indonesia, The Habibie Centre, as our peer-reviewer.

Meanwhile in 2019, ISAFIS Journal is going to be exclusively available for ISAFIS’ members only. The grand theme of the year is “Interconnectivity: The Causal Linkage of Multitude Outlooks” and it will be divided into 5 sub-themes in which they are Economics, Education, Law and Politics, Science and Technology, as well as Socio-Cultural and Humanity. We also plan to maintain our partnership with The Habibie Centre for this year round.



SISBAC aims to connect young people to the experts from the Government and Embassy in discussing the latest and crucial issues that are related to International matters.

Talkshow Session

Previously, SISBAC was conducted by collaborations with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Japan’s Embassy in Jakarta, and etc.

Neta as President of ISAFIS, Mr. Curtis Johnson, Rizkinia Aliya, and Aliya as Moderator (left to right)

This year, 2019, first SISBAC was held on May 4 and we did collaboration with @america. We held discussion about “America Impacts in Indonesia” with Mr. Curtis Johnson (senior manager @america) and Rizkina Aliya (our alumni) as a speakers.

One of our audience ask to speakers

Countries cannot thrive without other countries, from the trade, education, tourism-relationships, to securities between countries are interwoven and influence the growth each sector. The links between the United States and Indonesia are a case in point.

ISAFIS Members Photo Group

Indonesia International Week (IIW)

Collaborating with International Week Coordinating Organisation, Indonesia International Week (IIW) is an annual cultural exchange program which invites international students from Europe and Asia to learn about the holistic aspects of Indonesia: cultures, economics, government works, student life, society, etc. IIW is normally held in summer and this year it will be held in two cities which represent Indonesia’s rich diversity: Jakarta and Yogyakarta; focusing on the variety of food in both cities and the homeliness feel of Indonesian culinary adventure.

In Jakarta, we will be experiencing the melting pot that it is of culture, food, as well as visiting the institutions of the food industry. In Yogyakarta, we’ll be experiencing its rich culture, visit the temples, the beach, and of course, the food. Surely, IIW is once in a lifetime opportunity for those who seize it.

Visit University of Indonesia
Visit Kota Tua Jakarta

Celebrate Independence Day of Indonesia on 17th August 2019

Visit Borobudur Temple

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