AIM Project 2019

Report of AIM Project 2019   

This year, ISAFIS sent 7 delegates to participate in AIM Project 2019, organized by Institute of International Relation (IIR) Keio University. It held start from 21st – 30th June 2019 which main activities are company visits, short trip to Hakone, and many cultural experiences.

Here are some reports of AIM Project 2019:

Opening Day

First day was an opening day, the Indonesians and the Japanese introduced themselves in a fun way. The Indonesians presented fun facts about Indonesia. After that, they played some games and ate dinner together. Indonesians were also given questions to answer at the end of the program.

Asakusa Day

On the next day, they have Asakusa Day. They went sightseeing around Tokyo and experienced both ancient and modern sides of Japan. They visited Edo Tokyo Museum, Asakusa Sensoji Temple, and Tokyo Skytree. They were divided into groups and given tasks to complete. It was a fun day, everyone!

Yokohama Day

Day three is Yokohama Day! In Yokohama, they went to Cup Noodle Museum to create their own customized cup noodle, snapped purikura in CosmoWorld, ate street foods in Chinatown, and took photos in relaxing Yamashita Park.

Inbound Day

Day four they experienced Inbound Day. They had the privilege to be involved in a lively discussion with JTB, one of Japan’s leading travel agency, regarding tourism and its impact towards a nation’s international affairs. We discussed about issues faced by Japan and Indonesia regarding their respective tourism. Furthermore, they were given a case study of Ibaraki Prefecture tourism development so we could further map the problem and give effective solutions for the issue.

Future Language Day

Future Language Day finally come on the fifth day. They again had the privilege to be engaged in a brainstorming session with UDS Ltd. Japan. UDS, as a consulting company, uses future language to analyze problems and construct ideas. Future language is a new method to design future communities by mapping and interconnecting four aspects: ideal condition, problem, means, and solution. They were introduced with the future language method and implemented it on a case study regarding an ideal Jakarta in 10 years time.

Kamakura Day

Kamakura Day is on the sixth day. They went very early to visit Kamakura. There, they visited Enkakuji Temple, the Great Buddha in Kotoku-in, and Hasedera Temple. We saw many hydrangea flowers in Kamkura which Japanese called them by Ajisai, the same way Indonesian calls it.

Diversity Day

On the seventh day they had a  Diversity Day. They were given the privilege to engage in discussion with Accenture, Japan’s emerging consulting firm. They were given case study on how to promote the importance of diversity in a working atmosphere. They came up with different ideas, summarized it, and presented the solution. After that, their ideas were reviewed and they managed to earn new outlooks on how to solve things creatively and effectively.

Keio Day

Keio Day had finally arrived! On the Day eight, they had opportunity to visit Keio University in Hiyoshi. They stopped by the Institute of International Relations Headquarter and conversed with some IIR members. They were invited to participate in the famous Japanese tea ceremony. They joined IIR weekly meeting and played some games.

Day 9 is a Hakone Day. They went on a short trip to Hakone and make their first stop at Japanese Traditional Craft Store and tried to make their own crafts. After that, they visitred the famous Hakone Shrine. They also went to onsen since Hakone is the city of onsesns! At night, they cooked each other food from Japan and Indonesia. They stayed up late talking, joking, and playing games. Many Japanese tried bon cabe for games punishment.

Indonesian Delegates
Japanese Delegates

Finally, last day is a farewell day. They did recap of the past 10 days, express their understanding on real, and exchange gifts. AIM project 109 is officially ended and ready to greet you in the future.


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