Indonesia International Week (IIW)

Collaborating with International Week Coordinating Organisation, Indonesia International Week (IIW) is an annual cultural exchange program which invites international students from Europe and Asia to learn about the holistic aspects of Indonesia: cultures, economics, government works, student life, society, etc. IIW is normally held in summer and this year it will be held in two cities which represent Indonesia’s rich diversity: Jakarta and Yogyakarta; focusing on the variety of food in both cities and the homeliness feel of Indonesian culinary adventure.

In Jakarta, we will be experiencing the melting pot that it is of culture, food, as well as visiting the institutions of the food industry. In Yogyakarta, we’ll be experiencing its rich culture, visit the temples, the beach, and of course, the food. Surely, IIW is once in a lifetime opportunity for those who seize it.

Visit University of Indonesia
Visit Kota Tua Jakarta

Celebrate Independence Day of Indonesia on 17th August 2019

Visit Borobudur Temple

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