ISAFIS Journal

ISAFIS Journal is an annual event held by ISAFIS that provides members a platform to express their ideas in the form of scientific publication. It is established in accordance to the main goal of ISAFIS as youth think-tank organizations that amplify the voices of the youth in regards of international studies and understanding among nations. Every year, ISAFIS Journal carries out a grand theme pervading international issues with various sub-themes available.

Back in 2015 to 2018, ISAFIS Journal has presented the grand themes of “Chinese Foreign Policy”,  “Migrants and Indonesia National’s Development”, “ASEAN 50th, Reflection of The Past 5 Decades for Future Integration” and “Intra-Regional Connectivity: Towards a More Integrated Regional Cooperation” and has succeeded in inviting various notable speakers and public figures for our grand launching and has participated by dozens of contributors nationally. Last year, we managed to partnered with one of the leading think-tank organization in Indonesia, The Habibie Centre, as our peer-reviewer.

Meanwhile in 2019, ISAFIS Journal is going to be exclusively available for ISAFIS’ members only. The grand theme of the year is “Interconnectivity: The Causal Linkage of Multitude Outlooks” and it will be divided into 5 sub-themes in which they are Economics, Education, Law and Politics, Science and Technology, as well as Socio-Cultural and Humanity. We also plan to maintain our partnership with The Habibie Centre for this year round.


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