Cultural Exploration at International Week Istanbul

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Private Documentation From Layla

Every year ISAFIS make collaboration with International Week to provide international exchanges of social culture, business, and academic during one week at many countries abroad for Indonesian students, espesically ISAFIS members who dare to join this event. On the beginning of period, the first International Week that had been joined by ISAFIS members were International Week at Istanbul.

International Week Istanbul (IW Istanbul) held from 4th until 12nd July 2019. ISAFIS sent its representative to join this International Week at Istanbul, Turkey. Our representative is Layla Dutha Faradiba from Media Communication and Design division. Here are some reports from Layla about how well her week spent at Istanbul.

Private Documentation From Layla

“It was the first IW that I’ve ever participated and it was already really amazing! The activities there were so fun and very well organized. There were country presentations, company visits, games and challenges, yet many more!

However, the most memorable thing for me was the International dinner where everyone cooked their own national dish. I cooked Nasi Goreng for them that night. Thank goodness they liked it even when I thought it was too spicy for them LOL.

Another highlight, for me, was the cultural exploration. I really like that IW Istanbul this year emphasizes on exploring different aspects of culture. Istanbul is a city full of cultural and historical features. There are many places to visit, even you can already feel it by only walking around the street.

Private Documentation From Layla

So, we did a lot of visits to places, such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace, and the Grand Bazaar while having some shopping as well there. Not only places, we also tried Turkish traditional bath which is called Hamam.

Another thing was the foods that they provided us, especially the Turkish dinner where we had a very fancy typical Turkish authentic Kebab with Turkish traditional atributes.

Last thing about this IW is that I feel like we had a really good group of people in IW Istanbul this year. All the organisers are so kind. I really felt their hospitality, especially from my host.

Private Documentation From Layla

Yet, all the participants are so friendly. I really felt connected to everyone of them. But it seems like both organisers and participants were having a good connection with one another. There were no seperate groups in the circle, we bonded really well. We even felt like we are already a family. All and all, IW Istanbul was really amazing. I had an unbelievably great time there. It was one of the best week of my life.”

Yet, we still have many International Week upcoming which can be joined by every Indonesian students who want to join. Keep updated with us and follow our instagram account @isafis_official !

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